Saturday, 31 March 2012

Selvedge Spring Fair

When I woke up this morning I felt very anxious, so much to do, the list growing and I just felt so very tired after quite a week at work. I had over committed on weekend plans, when what I really wanted to do was clean the flat from top to bottom (it's split level do that does make sense!) and sew, catching up with friends in the eve.

I'd forgotten that I had RSVP'd to go to the Selvedge Spring Fair, and feeling all panicky, I just didn't want to go. However, I hate letting folk down so I pulled on some clothes and headed out the door.

My oh my I'm pleased that I did! I saw some of my favourite people (both of the adult and child variety) and got so much inspiration! There were many wonderful designer makers there who were a pleasure to chat to and admire their beautiful work. I bought a few bits too!

What absolutely made my day was seeing the work of Becky Adams ( Now I met Becky a couple of years ago at a similar event in Spittalfields Market. At this time I wasn't very happy, I was working in a job I didn't enjoy, and I just did not feel entirely happy in my self. Talking to Becky that day and seeing her beautiful work, I got really inspired and started trying to do little bits in my spare time.

Now a couple of years on, thanks to other people believing in me and supporting me, I can confidently say I am a designer maker and I'm so proud of what I do! It's really funny how off chance meetings do shape your life. It was so lovely to chat to Becky, but bizarrely remembered me, and to have the opportunity to say that you inspire me and you have made me realise a dream. Or start to, this dream has a long way to go still!

I guess the moral of this story is to use your flipping diary (note to self) and remember what you've planned, and also take time to tell people if you love their work, if they inspire you or simple, that you think they're great.

I hope Becky doesn't mind, but I've put a few images of her work below, please do have a look at her website.

Now back to that to do list!

Love from Katie xx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Squirrels are everywhere

Almost everywhere, that I go.

See what I did with a pulp song? Oh I can turn anything into a Pulp song.

Look what I found at an antique market today. I bought some amazing little squirrel plates too - for eating sandwiches and cake off, alas they're packed away in my backpack - I will show you those later

Katie xx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A squirrel mistake

The other day I bought some cute little animal stamps on eBay, well it turned out they're not stamps, they're postcards! Not exactly what I was expecting, but cute no?

Today I was up early, popped over Alexandra Palace to go to the supermarket and get some food in, then back in plenty of time for a whole day of work. The view up there is just out of this world, there are plenty of lovely birds to be found up there too.

I'm very excited to try out the "broken needle technique" that my wonderful friend Taz told me about last week, as well as finish off my mothers day gifts for my mum and nanna.

I do love a good Sunday! Especially when 6 music is at its glorious best, and the sun in shining shining shining!

Love from Katie xx

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Barboot the Second

Last night was my second Barboot in Little Paris, and I really doubt it could have gone much better! I had a wonderful time chatting away to folk, and managed to sell rather a lot of items! Cards and monogram tags were the best sellers, and I shall sure be working on some new ideas for the next Barboot!

It was wonderful to have a couple of returning customers, as well as enquiries about commissions - I'm very excited about getting to work on these! I've also been invited to attend a birthday party of one of my customers, and have a stall for her friends and family.

Crouch End was marvellous last night, and the crowds were happy, chatty and just plain lovely. Little Paris played a wonderful venue, with the very talented Dear Oh Deer also selling, and some utterly delicious cakes on sale made by Fanny of Little Paris.

Here are just a few photos below, and also one of me wearing one of Dianne's amazing headdresses!

Thank you to everyone that came, chatted to me, purchased something, or just said something kind! Now, back to work for April's Barboot! I've already been out shopping this morn for inspiration...

Love from Katie xx