Sunday, 11 March 2012

A squirrel mistake

The other day I bought some cute little animal stamps on eBay, well it turned out they're not stamps, they're postcards! Not exactly what I was expecting, but cute no?

Today I was up early, popped over Alexandra Palace to go to the supermarket and get some food in, then back in plenty of time for a whole day of work. The view up there is just out of this world, there are plenty of lovely birds to be found up there too.

I'm very excited to try out the "broken needle technique" that my wonderful friend Taz told me about last week, as well as finish off my mothers day gifts for my mum and nanna.

I do love a good Sunday! Especially when 6 music is at its glorious best, and the sun in shining shining shining!

Love from Katie xx

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