Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Brown paper bags

Today I had a delivery of brown paper bags, this may sound mundane but it's very exciting! I'll show ya what I'm pot later :) Katie xx

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Today I must sit and draw squirrels. This was yesterday's job but I started to feel a little blue and just couldn't do my best, plus my printer decided it was not going to play. I did a little eBay shop to make sure I have extra ink and other supplies, as there's nothing worse than having your creativity stifled by a tired and grumpy printer... Too many late nights has this happened, followed by tears and banging on it "why won't you work?!" - this is one of the biggest troubles of being mixed media, I have to rely on both my printer and sewing machine very heavily, and if they decide they're not playing, well! Trouble ensues...

To inspire my drawing quest, here is my favourite squirrel tee! A bargain purchase from Henry Holland at Debenhams. Noted it needs ironing...

Katie xx

Chop chop

These trusty beauties have been my thread scissors for the last, ooh, five years perhaps? They were from John Lewis, and as a student in the studio I'd wear then round my neck on a piece of striped ribbon. Every time I moved fast or jumped (I believe I was more energetic back in those student days...) I ran the risk of taking my own eyes out...

Anyway, I think they're a rather beautiful little choppy item, who I may rather cryptically add we're rather busy yesterday!

Katie xx

Friday, 13 January 2012

Oh, hello

Tea staining delights, a lovely way to spend a friday eve - and now my whole flat smells of tea - delicious!

But what will it be? Tbc...