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Alphabet Prints (& A Little Update)

Thanks so much for checking back on the blog. It's been a fantastic week since the launch of the new website last Sunday, and I'm thrilled to have had orders from customers both old and new.
One of our most popular products (and a personal favourite of mine) has been our Alphabet prints, which come in a range of different backgrounds.

We hand foil the gold letter on at our London studio, making every print to order. On the whole, this is how we make the most of your orders, so every day includes lots of making (and understandably, quite a lot of mess...).

I love that the studio is a bit of a creative chaos. Sometimes I get lost in the world of instagram and Pinterest and wish the studio was tidier, more curated and a bit easier on the eye, but the fact is it's a functional space built around the needs of the business. At the end of the day, I can lock the door behind me and go home and am (on the whole) feel able to separate myself from work, something I feel very fortuna…

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