I'm a nostalgic soul. I can generally remember what I was wearing and what I ate (equally important to me) for most significant events in my life. Granted, not all significant events involve food, but plenty do.

Growing up, we'd take our Summer holidays in Skegness, a fun coastal town filled with amusements arcades, beaches, rides and general merriment. My lasting memories of Skeggy, as it is affectionately known, are colour, the sounds of 'Clementine' been played from the 2p shove intermittently and souvenirs with your name on.

Now, as a 'Katie', I'm not an uncommon find, yet still... the very sight of finding something with YOUR NAME ON IT still fills me with glee. On a recent holiday to Portugal I experienced the same excitement, but managed to save my pennies to splurge on ceramics instead. Wise.

As a kid, my favourite named souvenir was a black velvet headband with my name wrote on in those puffy fabric paints that I believe you can still pick up in a craft shop. I loved this headband so much, and I would probably still have in a box of memories today if I hadn't smashed it in half walking into a lamppost. 

I can't say the reason we offer named accessories is entirely down to this, but I think it plays a big part! It's so special to give a gift that personalised, especially to those folk with less common names, or indeed an unusual spelling. I've had so many messages from people saying how thrilled they are to finally have something with their names on.

Currently we offer pencil cases, pouches and pocket mirrors with names on, in addition to the hen party ranges with are very much customisable. What else would you like to see? Please me know and I may be able to make it happen...


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