Secret Santa SORTED

Do you remember your first 'Secret Santa' experience? I've been trying to remember mine but can't seem to pin a year to it. It's become such a gift giving tradition now, and it can be a lot of fun... 

What isn't fun is when somebody gets it wrong. I'm not being selfish about this, but I really hate getting a tenner's worth of plastic tat from a supermarket, when I know full well that ten pounds can get you a lot of great things! It's pretty wasteful and doesn't make you feel all that special.

To make Secret Santa shopping that bit easier, I've popped a page together with a variety of different products, all under £10. Some of them can even be personalised, so you can nail gift giving within budget, whilst looking ever so thoughtful too. Visit it here!

Here are my favourite picks from this selection:

Of all our pencil sets, I think this one is my favourite. The colours are spot on, and the messages are a great deal of fun. They're perfect for someone who needs a pick me up, or would make a great gift for a colleague (whether you actually think they're 'Bloody Brilliant' or not...)

I am ALL ABOUT this print for AW17, and these pocket mirrors come in at under £4 and come ready wrapped for you. We have 2 colour variations in this style, but there's plenty of other pocket mirrors in the shop too if this style isn't quite right for the recipient. Additionally to being a good Secret Santa idea, they're a thoughtful gift for someone who you'd like to send a little more than a card to, maybe your team at work, a neighbour or family friend. 

Whilst on the personalised theme, for £10 exactly, you can get a personalised pencil case, complete with decorative pom pom. The feedback we've had on these has been brilliant, as they're so sparkly and fun, but have that special touch of being personalised too. Got an in joke nick name? We can do that too. 

Take a look at the rest of our Secret Santa selection and let us know what you think!



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